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Great American food in the Netherlands, delivered fast to your door

The Netherlands welcomes people from all around the world, and as a result there’s an incredibly diverse food scene here. From the small, charming bars in quiet towns to the established restaurants in the inner city, you’ll certainly find something that’s to your taste. If you are in the mood for some prime T-bone steak with lashings of barbecue sauce, it’s not too far away. In fact, with Deliveroo, you can cut through the hustle and bustle and have your food brought straight to your door.

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Best-rated American restaurants in the Netherlands

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Bistro FAB

 4.3 Very good (50+)

The patties in the (beef) burgers were a bit small and there was hardly any bacon in the bacon burger. Otherwise it was delicious! Especially the chicken burgers which were very crispy!

Ich bin ein Hamburger

 4.6 Excellent (50+)

Burger was awesome, big juicy and full of flavor! Fries were not crispy that was the only disappointing thing.


Delicious hamburger and super fast delivery


Nice hamburgers. Bit on the salty side and the bun could do with an upgrade.

Papa John's - Rotterdam

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Crust was soft and the pizza wasn't that tasy, but the compensation for the lava cake (got a big brownie cake instead) was nice.

Baires Empanadas Argentinas

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

The empanadas tasted great but I never got the chimichurri I ordered.

Café ter Marsch

 4.2 Very good (50+)

Burger was not particularly warm. Taste was excellent


The Fries were dissapointing, the burger was amazing.


Burgers are great. Spare ribs really not worth it for the price.

Bagel and Juice | Kleine Berg

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

Loved the bagel & the juice was amazing!


Very polite delivery man, food was great, loved that honey mustard sauce

Burger King Spui

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Great burgers and everything as ordered. Doesn’t always happen, but service appears to be getting better, so keep it up!


Great, freshly made Whoppers: best burgers in fast food!


Slightly messed up order: no twister fries, but otherwise great burgers and fast delivery.


 4.4 Very good (50+)

The Hamburger was amazing like always. Best burgers in town are here. I’m a fan. Unfortunately they are not cheap but it’s understandable.


Burgers were delicious (still perfectly warm this time plus with sauce for the fries). Really really happy!


Awesome burger. Fries could be a little bit less crispy:) but really great price/ quality deal!

De Resident

 4.6 Excellent (50+)

Forgot the delicious sauce for the ribs 😩 but still totally delicious


Spare-rib sauce had great taste but it wasn’t much (not enough)....


Really great! In addition to my order, I was given a gift of my favourite dish gratis! Thank you - was truly a special surprise!

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