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Anyone who likes seafood, loves rice and enjoys a good buffet adores Japanese sushi. It's tasty, it's nutritious and it's filling without being heavy on the stomach. The picturesque Dutch city of Utrecht caters to the local demand for this Japanese delicacy, much to the delight of residents. What's on your menu tonight, a little fish-on-a-ball, aka nigiri? The best way to eat sushi, is to have a variety on the table. Consider adding sashimi, seaweed-wrapped maki, uramaki and cone-shaped temaki in with your order.  

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Best-rated sushi restaurants in Utrecht

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Poké Perfect Utrecht BV

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

Really handy that the sauce comes separate. I also appreciate the little spicy sauce compliment. The packaging is also really good. It's not the usual "cardboard bowl". It helps to maintain the crispness of the produce. Cardboard does not do that. The large bowls actually are large! Wonderful.


Twenty minutes late arriving but always really good


 4.5 Excellent (50+)

Ritos is the best. Great size, quality, and tasty. Service too.


great food and great customer service from Jesse. Great asset to the company

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