Dessert food delivery in Leiden

Dutch desserts are delightful and the locals of Leiden love to treat themselves whenever possible. If you want to eat a mouth-watering restaurant dessert in the comfort of your home then order from the Deliveroo dessert section for Leiden and we’ll have your favourite treats delivered to your door.

Ice creams, chocolate tortes, handmade chocolates, freshly baked pastries, fruit custard tarts, artisan truffles and more could all be yours to enjoy without even leaving the house. Just go online and order with Deliveroo for a sumptuous restaurant takeaway directly to your door. If you want to share a sweet treat after a dinner with friends or simply indulge after a hard day’s work, Leiden’s desserts are worth giving the diet a day off. What better way to spend a grey weekday evening than on the couch with a chocolate mousse?

Leiden is a top dessert destination

Beautiful Leiden is a haven for food and dessert lovers everywhere. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to indulge in a little of the local delicacies. Just go online and order with Deliveroo and you could find yourself with a delivery of fluffy pancakes, syrup soaked waffles, piles of profiteroles, Italian tiramisu or a tempting sticky apple tart any night of the week, all without leaving the house.

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Leiden’s artisan dessert makers fill the local restaurants with the finest desserts in the city but now you don’t have to get all dressed up to savour them. You don’t even need to pick up the phone to book a table. Just get comfy on the sofa, order online with Deliveroo and we’ll have a naughty but nice dessert brought directly to you.