Indian food delivery in the Netherlands

Indian food comes in many different forms, but the one fact that remains constant is that it’s a popular choice across Europe. The trading of spices from India to Europe was one of the main catalysts for the Age of Discovery, and we’ve been enjoying curry ever since As far as actual Indian food goes, it ranges from smooth and creamy to extremely spicy food, with plenty of other styles in between.

Rice, peas and lentils are staples, but aside from that it’s incredibly diverse. The ingredients and even the oils vary by region, resulting in a huge range of dishes. So, no matter what kind of fine Indian food you’re after, Deliveroo can help: simply order from local restaurants through our website, and we’ll bring you food directly from the kitchen to your door. Your taste buds will thank us.

Netherlands: Enjoy diverse Indian takeaway from fine local restaurants

The Netherlands has always had a great Indian food scene, and restaurants all across the country serve up dishes both familiar and adventurous. With traditional recipes passed down through generations, as well as contemporary fusion restaurants, all kinds of Indian food are available. Test your mettle with spice vindaloos, enjoy the comforting softness of a korma, or taste-test to find the best rogan josh in town: no matter how you want to enjoy Indian food, Deliveroo can help.

While meat dishes are abundant, vegetarian food is also well-represented in Indian cuisine. The Sramana movement in ancient India introduced strict vegetarian ideals, and many meals are entirely meat-free. Try out lentil curries, spiced potatoes, spinach and paneer cheese or chickpea dhal with naan for great veggie main courses, but don’t forget about the amazing sides too.

Pakoras, samosas and bhajis can all add flavour to even the dullest days. If you’re in the mood for a curry tonight, or fancy a samosa for your work lunch break, log onto Deliveroo today. Why go out to eat high-quality Indian food when you could eat it at home? Ordering with us is easy, delivery is quick, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.