Italian food delivery in the Netherlands

Sometimes there’s no food in the fridge, or you just can’t bring yourself to cook. Ordering takeaway or heading out to a restaurant is usually the solution to this. But by using Deliveroo, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: indulge in a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of your own home. With top-quality food, you can taste the care that went into making it - and that’s what makes Italian food so delicious. Wherever you order it from, you know it’s made with love.

There are fantastic restaurants all across the Netherlands, which offer up the best cuisine that Italy has to offer. Authentic slow-cooked bolognese, carbonara with fresh eggs and guanciale, hand-stretched pizzas or creamy Milanese risottos are all available for delivery: all you need to do is order them. Put your location into Deliveroo and find out what restaurants near you are open for delivery.

Netherlands: Explore a world of Italian food beyond pizza and pasta

Booking a table at a restaurant can feel like hard work these days, but don’t worry. If you’re looking to have a romantic meal with your significant other, you can hold the whole thing at home. Deliveroo will bring your favourite local restaurant’s signature meals to your door, and can ensure you can have a dazzling date from the comfort of your own living room.

Italian food tastes like a dream, and having it delivered straight to your door makes your fantasies a reality. Tuck into savoury dinners at home, full of the flavours of tomato, oregano and basil. Do you prefer your meals topped with a grating of parmigiano, or a slice of melting mozzarella? Beyond the standard dishes, there are many other choices, meaning vegetarians and even vegans can find Italian food that will make their taste buds sings. Deliveroo covers dessert too, so we can bring delicate panna cottas, punchy tiramisu or silky-smooth creme brulees straight to your door to round off your meal in style.

Eating incredible Italian food has never been easier. Order with Deliveroo, and we’ll bring a gastronomic experience straight to your door as fast as we can.