Japanese food delivery in the Netherlands

Japanese food is renowned around the world as some of the most delicious, and that’s saying a lot. Many dishes show off the country’s fresh seafood, and it’s the basis for a number of fantastic dishes. Try it raw as sashimi, or grilled, deep-fried or steamed. Noodles are also prevalent in Japanese dishes, and come in both thick, wheat-based udon or the thin, buckwheat soba.

Whichever Japanese dish you decide to plump for, you can be sure it’ll be well presented. The appearance of the food is almost as important to Japanese chefs than the taste of the food. In fact, it’s common custom to compliment the artistry of the dish before you tuck in. Deliveroo works with only the finest restaurants around the Netherlands, so you can be sure that the authenticity of the Japanese meals you order from us is top notch.

Netherlands: Endless Japanese delights delivered right to your door

There are many advantages that ordering takeaway food has over cooking and eating out. For a start, you can enjoy a wide variety of authentic and delicious foods without ever leaving the house. You can stay comfy and let Deliveroo handle all the arrangements for you. Another distinct advantage is it’s a whole lot easier – preparing ingredients or heading to your local Japanese restaurant both take time, whereas ordering with Deliveroo couldn’t be simpler.

We’re all aware of how delectable Japanese seafood is, but there’s plenty else on the menu too. Meat-lovers will appreciate fine Kobe beef or highland pork, as well as the great range of chicken dishes. Yakitori is authentic skewers of grilled chicken, while shabu-shabu is a sizzling hot-pot that’s perfect for sharing. Vegetarians shouldn’t be left out either, as there’s a strong culture of meat-free food in Japan. Tofu or seitan are often used as meat substitutes, and some of the most iconic dishes are entirely meat-free.

Enjoy a warming bowl of kitsune udon, or treat yourself to a filling cabbage-filled okonomiyaki pancake. Whatever dishes you want, you can get them made by the best Japanese restaurants in town and brought straight to your door.