Lebanese food delivery in Utrecht

Longing for some Lebanese cuisine, exotic dishes made with only the freshest of ingredients, bursting with natural flavours? Taste the garlic, smell the subtle herbs like coriander, garden mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary and sumac. Enjoy as black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove and other wonderful spices tease your taste buds. Bring some nutty tahini (crushed sesame seed paste) to the table and dress everything from shawarmas to falafel wraps. If you're in Utrecht and looking for a real food adventure with this wonderful West Asian cuisine, we've got you covered. Let our online food delivery service bring restaurant-quality Lebanese dishes right to your door. 

No Lebanese meal is complete without some freshly baked flat bread or pitta - the perfect way to enjoy any dip. Bring those marinated meats or falafel balls to life with a little hummus or baba ghannouj. Whatever you desire, Deliveroo is at your service.

Utrecht's love of Lebanese fare

The central city of Utrecht is perhaps the most quintessentially Dutch municipality in the whole of Holland. It's a rare place where old meets new in a way that's balanced and harmonious. There's no shortage of things to do or places to go either. And when it comes to quality food choices, Utrecht's residents have the world's cuisines on their doorstep, thanks in part to the thousands of students who crave food from around the world. Lebanese fare is also on the proverbial table, and available here in Old Utrecht for takeaway. 

If it's lamb you're after, kibbeh nayeh and ground lamb kofta kebabs will do your palate proud. If tender meat is your thing, take a trip into food heaven with shawarma. Bite into perfectly marinated slow-roasted meat that just melts in the mouth. Presented in flat bread with a balanced mix of onion,  cucumber, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and parsley, this really is a dish to die for.  

Relax at home and wait for your next exotic Lebanese food delivery to come knocking at your door. Enjoy a little West Asian cuisine in Western Europe by placing your order with Deliveroo.