Mexican food delivery in the Netherlands

Mexican cuisine is gaining popularity outside of the Americas, and is well known for its flavourful snacks and ensemble dishes. It’s a unique blend of Mesoamerican and European foods, and it certainly shows. Mesoamerica is well known for developing corn, tomatoes and peppers, and all of these ingredients are prevalent in traditional Mexican dishes. But all kinds of other staples show up too: rice, chilis, spices and local cheeses help add depth to the deceptively complicated dishes.

Deliveroo works with the finest Mexican food outlets to bring you the best the country has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a plate of nachos and guacamole to satisfy a quick craving, or something more filling like a carne asada meat feast, we can bring it to you. Mexican food has become a firm favourite across Europe, and Deliveroo can bring those restaurant meals straight to your door.

Netherlands: Unearth authentic Mexican food in cities across the country

Mexican food is famous for its tortillas and tomato sauces, but that barely scratches the surface. The menu of your typical Mexican restaurant is filled with scrumptious meat dishes and seafood as well. Take the Huachinago a la Veracruzana for example; It translates as Veracruz-style Red Snapper and it uses olives and capers for a distinct Mediterranean flavour.

Carnitas are another popular choice, made by braising pork, and usually served with coriander leaves and guacamole. If you’re looking to sample the taste of Middle-America but want something meat-free, don’t worry – you’ll be spoiled for choice. There are plenty of bean stews and vegetarian chilli options available to order, and thanks to Deliveroo, you can enjoy them all thanks to our range of partner restaurants across the country.

Traditional Mexican food is about as old as the Aztecs, but the methods that Deliveroo use are thoroughly modern. All of the ordering is done online through our website, and we pick up your order from the restaurant’s kitchen and bring it straight to your door. So, if you’re in the mood for tacos or enchiladas, then order away and wait for us to bring a Mexican takeaway treat to your door.