Pizza delivery in the Netherlands

Pizza remains a firm food favourite, no matter where you are in Europe. It’s one of the most iconic dishes that Italy has to offer, and you don’t have to go far in any Dutch city to find some. In fact, Deliveroo works with the finest pizzerias in cities across the country, so we can bring restaurant-standard Italian and American pizzas straight to your door.

So, if you’re looking for a couple of slices to have on your work break, or a large pizza to share with friends at home, be sure to order from the best. You no longer have to settle for a cheap, frozen pizza from the shelves of your local supermarket: Deliveroo has partnered with the highest quality restaurants in all the major cities, so you can order a proper pizza made with love. Whatever you want, Deliveroo can bring you an authentic slice of Naples.

Netherlands: Perfect pizza is only a few clicks away

It feels like pizza ubiquitous pretty much wherever you are in the world, and the Netherlands has a great many takeaway joints offering pizzas. But if you want the real deal, it’s always better to order from a proper sit-down restaurant. Italian pizzas are hand-stretched to create a thin base that cooks to a crisp finish, whereas American pizzas are thicker and give a doughier texture.

Whichever one captures your interest, top-quality restaurants in your area are available to order from - and Deliveroo can bring your pizza straight from the kitchen to your door. Pizza’s best quality is the diversity of toppings available. If you adore cheese, then try a quattro formaggio pizza: many even forego tomato sauce and instead switch it for a bechamel base, adding to the comforting creaminess.

But if meat is more your thing, you can top your pizza with everything from smoky pancetta and classic pepperoni to vibrant teriyaki chicken. So, if you feel like ordering a proper pizza tonight, then Deliveroo can help. Let us bring you a perfectly cooked pizza straight to your door. Taste the love in every slice you eat, and love your nights in with Deliveroo.