Sushi delivery in the Netherlands

Deliveroo’s sushi section is filled to the brim with top quality meal options, which are enough to make anyone excited. The Netherlands’ sushi chefs are masters of both taste and presentation, and you can enjoy their handiwork from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re in the mood for nigiri or temaki, local restaurants are sure to have what you’re looking for - and Deliveroo can bring this handiwork straight to your door.

Sushi is perfect as both a daytime snack or as a buffet to feed multiple people, as it’s simple but versatily. It is traditionally served with cooked, vinegar-marinated rice, and is presented in a number of ways. Maki for example comes wrapped in seaweed and temaki is a cone shaped concoction. No matter how you want it, sushi can be ordered from a fine local restaurant and brought straight to your door with Deliveroo.

Netherlands: Nothing beats the taste of freshly-caught sushi

Sushi is one of Japan’s signature dishes, and comes in many varieties and shapes. You can have it wrapped in seaweed, hand-shaped into a cone, or rolled up with the rice on the outside. There are all kinds of fillings available, from the classic salmon and tuna to fish eggs, eel, or even seared meat. Seafood of course is the classic choice: it’s a fine source of vitamins A and C and contains a lot of protein and calcium, so it’s perfect to recharge yourself with after a long, hard day.

However, there are lots of vegetarian options on offer too. Light omelette, delicate tofu, fresh vegetables and creamy avocados all have their place in sushi menus. Inarizushi is a particular favourite: the marinated race is served inside a pouch of deep-fried and slightly sweetened beancurd. Dip them in soy sauce and serve with a small amount of wasabi, and you won’t even miss the fish.

No matter whether you’re ordering sushi as a lunchtime snack or to feed a family, Deliveroo can bring you what you need. Place your order online, and wait for us to bring you a delicious takeaway. Sushi will never be the same again.