Vegetarian food delivery in the Netherlands

People from all over the world have come to live in the Netherlands, bringing their fantastic cuisines with them, Thai, Greek, Japanese and Chinese restaurants are just a few examples of this cultural growth, so it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of fantastic food to try. Vegetarian dishes are common in many different cuisines, so it’s no surprise that now you can try meat-free dishes from around the world.

Try spicy Thai curries packed full of delicious vegetables, warming noodle soups from Japan or piquant bean-filled enchiladas from Mexico. To avoid the hassle of cooking or the effort of going out, simply order restaurant-quality food from Deliveroo. We’ll pick up your meal from the local restaurant’s kitchen and bring it directly to your door. Order a hearty brunch, light lunch or dinner to share through us - you won’t be disappointed

Netherlands: Moreish meat-free meals and heavenly vegetarian dishes await

Thanks to the wide range of meat-free meals on offer, it’s never been easier to be a vegetarian. It’s also never been more convenient to order food from exotic restaurants, as you don’t even need to venture outside. You can enjoy great vegetarian dishes easily, at home or at work, thanks to Deliveroo. There’s something very liberating about finding vegetarian alternatives to classically meaty dishes. It means you can eat the same food as your friends without missing out - and potentially enjoying something even better.

Try some earthy Lebanese falafel served in a traditional flatbread, or order in some beancurd-based inari sushi for lunch. Explore India’s fantastic regional cuisine with spicy, aromatic or creamy curries from around the country, and dive into dessert with a huge range of vegetarian puddings available for delivery. Get restaurant-quality Italian pizza to takeaway, and entertain your friends by laying on a delicious spread of top-quality local dishes without any of the meat.

So, have a stress-free meal today: leave the cooking to the culinary masters and order in with Deliveroo. You can sample the world’s vegetarian dishes without even having to step outside the door.