Vegetarian food delivery in Amsterdam

We make it easy for you to enjoy a meat-free takeaway with Deliveroo’s menu listings for Amsterdam. There are many varied and delicious options for vegetarians who want restaurant-quality food delivered to their home or office, and Deliveroo does all the hard work by scouring the city’s eateries to find the widest possible selection of dishes. All you need to do is order online and enjoy!

Nowadays there’s no need to feel you’re missing out by going for a vegetarian takeaway option. You can enjoy a meat-free feast that is supremely satisfying. So many cuisines offer delicious dishes that are completely free of meat and fish. Chefs around the world have developed vegetarian seasonings that offer great depth of flavour, whether it is miso paste from Japan or hummus from the Middle East, and many of these tasty alternatives are available in Amsterdam.

The best vegetarian cuisine Amsterdam has to offer

Of course, it’s worth remembering that some of the most quintessential takeaway options are in fact vegetarian. For instance, you can enjoy pizzas such as the classic margherita, or toppings such as goat’s cheese and red onion. Italian cuisine also offers a number of vegetarian pasta dishes, with rich tomato or cream sauces and lashings of Parmesan cheese.

Indian cuisine offers a selection of tasty dishes that are meat-free, for example saag spinach dishes augmented with potatoes or paneer cheese. Japanese food is another one to consider, with vegetarian seasonings such as miso paste and soy sauce providing richly savoury but meat-free flavour to tofu and vegetables.

Some of the less obvious takeaway options also lend themselves well to vegetarian dining, and are well worth considering. For instance, Greek and Middle East cuisines have tempting dishes such as hummus and tzatziki dips with olives and flatbreads for starters, followed by satisfying main meals like spanakopita pie, made with spinach and feta cheese encased in filo pastry. Or why not try falafel for a quick and filling snack? Whatever your tastes, you’ll be delighted with the range of choices on offer with Deliveroo.