Vegetarian food delivery in Rotterdam

Beautiful Rotterdam is a cultured city that has embraced international cuisine, bringing it to life with originality, fresh ingredients and creative flair. It has also seen something of a vegetable revolution with more and more places incorporating vegetarian and vegan cuisine. There are whole restaurants now dedicated to meat free eating. If you’d to enjoy their food at home, take a look at the Deliveroo vegetarian section for Rotterdam and let us deliver it to your door.

You don’t even have to do Dutch with the huge choice of world foods to choose from. Pastries and sandwiches, cakes and soups, there are veggie versions to sample. Thousands of rainbow salads of potato, pasta and grains offer a healthy choice while Middle Eastern, French, Italian, Indonesian, Mexican and South East Asian are just a handful of the global cuisines on offer.

Rotterdam: Eat meat free with delicious veggie cuisine

If you want vegetarian food with flair and a creative modern twist, Rotterdam offers that in spades. Colourful plates filled with vibrant, fresh local ingredients make up the city’s mouth-watering vegetarian food. Now, you can eat your favourite vegetarian restaurant dishes at home when you order with Deliveroo. Take away food has never tasted so good, especially when you don’t have to dress up or leave the house to eat it!

If you need to cook dinner for a group of vegetarian friends, let Deliveroo do all the work, bringing you the tastiest meat-free dishes from Rotterdam’s best restaurants. Whether it’s the perfect pizza, vegetarian sushi, a spicy chickpea curry from India, vivid basil infused Thai green curry, Mediterranean morsels of pasta, Middle Eastern falafel or even Chinese dim sum to dip in soy sauce.

For delivery of the finest restaurant food to your door, Deliveroo is on the case, bringing you and your friends the best meat-free food in town. Choose us to feed your guests, when you want a long lazy vegetarian weekend brunch or if you just want a night of no washing up during the week.