At Temakery we offer fresh meals, authentic street food and healthy snacks, for every day.


  • (NEW!!!) Chicken gyoza 4 ststar_filled

    Homemade fried dumplings files with chicken

  • Single Baostar_filled

    We now offer our popular bao buns also as a single piece. You can choose any of the 3 varieties we have. Great as a snack!

  • Double baostar_filled

    2 Steamed Taiwanese buns. You can choose from tempeh/chicken/beef

  • Springroll veggiestar_filled

    Bite sized springrolls filled with vegetables (6 pcs)

  • Poké Bowl Normaalstar_filled

    Stel je eigen poke bowl samen in 5 stappen.

  • Salmon King Poké Bowl

    Fixed proteïne en toppings. Witte rijst, zalm, avocado, mango, komkommer, lente ui, rode kool, masago oranje. Saus: mangogo, crunchy: geroosterde pinda's.